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Best Office Photocopier Deals 2013

Photocopiers and multifunction machines are becoming a much needed device in any type of business in the world today. Small to large businesses can benefit from owning one. The functionalities that these machines offer get your business going.

How much have you spent on printing and photocopying projects? If you have been spending tons of money just to get your daily tasks done, it’s time to invest in a photocopier. Think about the time and money you will save by doing things in-house. That money could go to other areas in your business. The time you spent going to the printers could have been delegated to much more profitable tasks.

In this article, we give you the best photocopier deals of 2013.

HP Officejet Pro X576dw

This model is an inkjet multifunction printer that is great for business use. It is actually lighter than it looks. It also generates much less heat and uses less power than a laser printer.

It has a print speed of 70 pages per minute at draft settings. It is powerful. It makes using other functions while the machine is printing possible. It delivers a fast duplex print speed. It can print 10 colour sides on 5 sheets of paper in just 33 seconds.

The Officejet Pro X576dw comes with a quick scanner too. One colour or black and white photocopy only takes 9 seconds. Regular scans are also fast even over WiFi. A photo scan can be completed in 46 seconds.

Copy and print quality are both high. For the print cost, colour prints cost 3.3 per page. Black prints cost 0.8 per page. It is not cheap at £680 but it is cheap to run and that makes this model a best buy for businesses.


Toshiba e-Studio 2050CSE 

This is a full colour multifunction printer. It offers high speed printing, copying and scanning all at a remarkably low running cost. It is compact, making it ideal for the small office.

It features an intuitive control panel. It delivers crisp documents with a rate of 20 pages per minute. That’s in both colour and monochrome. It scans at 50 images per minute with a resolution of 300 dpi. It has individual one-touch templates so operators can work with terrific speed.

You can add a 50-sheet multiple position stapler. You can also add a saddle stitch finisher. You can create professional looking brochures and booklets in just one-touch.

This machine is built with state-of-the-art security. You can set up Role Based Access Control. You can restrict access to certain information.

By using this device, you lower your company’s carbon footprint. When you reduce your waste level, you create a healthier planet and improve your budget. This model has been produced in line with the brand’s Carbon Zero Scheme. Therefore, it is not only efficient, it is also sustainable.

This device is on special offer at only £1,995 (plus VAT). This machine can copy, print and scan. It has a speed of 20 ppm in black and white and colour. It includes one 550-sheet and one 250-sheet paper cassettes. It has a document feeder and comes with standard duplexing. It is HDD and the package also comes with a cabinet.


Ricoh MP C2051AD

The MP C2051AD is a world class A3 multifunction printer. It has a fast scanning capability and optional faxing. It has an easy to access platform. The centralised hub allows you to manage your workflow and use your time effectively. It is compact and has low energy consumption. It gives fine image quality as it is one of the best multifunction printers in its class. It is the perfect choice for any small office.

It has a speed of 20 pages per minute in both colour and black and white. It comes with an ARDF with a 50-sheet capability. Single or double sided feeding for scan and copying is a breeze. It comes with standard full speed duplexing. You can scan your documents and send them to folder, hard drive or email.

This MFP prints in 1200 dpi so you only get clear, crisp documents. Print even the most detailed files with complete confidence.

This machine is easy to use so all your workload can be finished in no time. There is a colour touch screen that has an intuitive interface so you don’t need to consult a manual. The Animated Guidance will show you through all jobs that require human intervention i.e. toner or staple replenishment. You can schedule jobs in terms of priority so you reduce congestion in your network.

This model is fully compatible with other Ricoh solutions such as @Remote solution. Office administrators can monitor the different machines from a network PC. They can check on supply levels and print performance all in the convenience of your desk.

This model is on special offer at £1,995 (plus VAT). It is a copy, print and scan multifunction machine. It has a speed of 20 ppm in colour and mono. The package comes with two 250-sheet paper cassettes, document feeder and cabinet. It has standard duplex printing and HDD.

End Notes

You are sure to need several copies of various documents in your whole business life. You will also need soft copies of these documents. You may think that photocopying is not such a big thing because it’s very cheap to have a document copied from the printers but if you can just take a moment and review your receipts for the past 6 months on photocopying and printing, you will see that it’s not really cheap at all. It may actually be putting a huge dent in your cash flow.

Investing in your own photocopier does not necessarily mean that you need to purchase a brand new model right away. There are many options available such as renting and leasing. Check out the different deals available and choose the right one that fits your budget and requirements.