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Best Sharp Photocopiers for Businesses

Sharp produces some of the best office equipment. They have been continuously producing excellent products throughout the years. If you are looking for a photocopier or a multifunction printer, here are the best ones for businesses.


This photocopier is both efficient and effective. It can handle the biggest challenges your office can throw at it. It offers precise image quality and a wide range of production capabilities. It also has many added features. This is a color copier that will leave your documents looking professional. It ranks high among professional review sites.

This model is great for business reports for internal use or for preparing presentations for clients. It has a copy resolution of 600 dpi and a print resolution of 1,200 dpi. You can expect clear and crisp images. The color toner is budget-friendly as it can produce up to 18,000 copies. You won’t be caught running low on ink in the middle of a big project. Color modes include full, auto and 2-color.

It has a speed of 41 ppm in both color and black and white. It boosts productivity in the office. Monthly duty cycle is 150,000 pages per month and a max paper capacity of 6,600 pages which is perfect for a medium-sized company.

It can support different paper sizes and types so all your documents are covered.

Warm-up time is only 28 seconds. You can quickly finish your tasks. The unit has a network interface connection for Ethernet as well as wireless connection for your mobile devices.

Optional features include booklet creation, covers, page numbering, mirror imaging and more.

It also has print and scan capabilities. You can also get an optional fax.

Help & Support

You can contact Sharp by phone or email. If you are leasing your machine from another supplier, inquire about customer support.


Security is top priority in any business. This machine comes with an optional user authentication feature. You will be able to monitor copier usage. Identity theft is prevalent in copiers and you want to protect your staff and clients from thieves.

You can also assign users with certain functions and restrictions. It comes with Adobe PostScript that can accurately describe what pages look like so it can recreate images extremely well.


The MX-3000N is perfect for the small-medium sized business. It is capable of producing high quality images. Copy resolution is 600 dpi and print resolution of 1,200 dpi. You can customize images with full, auto, single or 2-color modes.

Duty cycle is 150,000 pages a month, higher than most copiers in its class. It has a speed of 36 ppm so you can be sure to get more done in a day. You can save jobs on the copier’s shared memory space with a max capability of 4GB. You don’t have to upload previous projects that need revising or re-printing.

This model supports a variety of paper types and sizes so you can create reports or marketing materials with ease. It has a paper capacity of 6,600 pages so you don’t have to waste time reloading the machine.

Warm-up time is only 18 seconds so you can be sure to boost productivity in the office.

This model comes with many optional features – booklet and cover creation, negative/positive inversion, duplex printing, mirror imaging, etc. Basic features are print, scan and optional fax.


You can set restrictions according to user. If you have many employees using the machine, this is important. It prevents identity theft and other problems. It has user authentication so you can be sure that only authorized people can use the machine. You can protect sensitive information from being stolen.

The machine can read Adobe PostScript so your images will be sharp and precise.

Help & Support

You can always contact Sharp through phone and email. If you are leasing, ask your supplier about support.

MX-C3000 Series

These are full-color A4 MFPs that are not like your ordinary A4 copiers. They offer superb image quality, impressive speeds, multi-layered security and ease of use.


The machines come in eye-pleasing and space-saving design. If design is a concern, the control panel comes in a dark colour with the entire machine sporting a unique textured surface. Most of the models have touchscreen LCDs.

Print quality

You can print in both color and black and white. Average speed is 31 cpm/ppm. The first copy comes out in 8.9 seconds in color and 8 seconds for black and white.

Print quality is 1,200 dpi while maintaining output speed. Fine lines and small text are easier to read.  With just a push of the start button, you can create documents that are as good as the original.

Extra Features

Most models feature a control panel with a wide, clear touchscreen LCD with 6-screen color choices. When you push the Home button in the middle of an operation, you will be taken to the Start screen. You can quickly access most frequently used functions by programming them into the menu.

The job status screen displays all jobs in progress. Users will be able to see the position of their jobs in the queue. The Priority Printing function allows you to change the job queue. You can also delete jobs that are no longer needed.

You can easily search for files using the thumbnail view. You can also zoom them in for a better view. You can also see previews of incoming faxes.

The machines come with 2 USB ports for convenience. One port is located at the front, right below the control panel. You can scan documents directly to your USB memory device. You can also print data directly from your USB device. You can use the machine even without a computer.

This line also comes with an optional Business Card Feeder. You can automatically scan business cards. You can also use business card scan software to create your business card database. There is a pocket on the left side of the machine for handy storage.