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Best Photocopier Rental Deals

It’s great that we live in a world where there are endless possibilities for small businesses to thrive. Decades ago, a person would think twice before putting up his own business because of the costs it involves especially with buying new equipment. Let’s face it. Investing in physical assets such as machines can be hard […]

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The Difference between Photocopier Rental and Photocopier Lease

The common misconception about investing in a new equipment such as a photocopier or a multifunction printer is that it is expensive. Many business owners don’t know that aside from purchasing, they have the option to rent or lease one. Here we give you the rundown on rental versus leasing a photocopier. Leasing In a […]

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Photocopier Lease Costs

Photocopiers are one of the most basic equipment that a company needs. Photocopiers nowadays are bundled with other functionalities such as print, scan, fax and even email. Because manufacturers saw the need for small businesses to able to have the same access to the technology that large corporations have, they are now offering these devices […]

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Should I Rent A Photocopier For My Office?

Small businesses are fortunate in this day and age because gadgets, electronics and office equipment are now available to them at a fraction of the cost. Renting has become a popular trend with suppliers of expensive equipment so that they can take advantage of an otherwise untapped niche of clientele. If you are a small […]

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Renting a Photocopier in the UK

A photocopier is a common equipment found in many offices. It has been around for many years. You would think that every business can just purchase one outright. Well, you’re wrong. Now that there are so many advances in technology, the humble photocopier has also improved and developed. It has now turned into a machine […]

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