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Costs Associated with Purchasing a Photocopier

Photocopiers are no longer limited to just making copies. They have now evolved into multifunction machines that copy, print, scan, email and fax. It may also come with advanced features such as image editing software and finishing capabilities. It is an important piece of equipment that is used in businesses all over the UK and throughout the world. It is almost impossible for an office to function without it.


A photocopier’s price first and foremost depends on its features and capabilities. The more advanced features it has, the more expensive it is. To figure out what kind of model you need, answer the following basic questions.

  • Do you need colour printing or is black and white sufficient?
  • What is the printing speed you require?
  • How many copies will you make each day?
  • What types of paper will you be using?
  • What paper size will you be using?

Coloured copiers are more expensive than black and white. They require more toners or ink cartridges. The faster the copier is and the more copies it makes, the higher the price. Basic models only use A4 papers. That is the standard. Some models can use A3 and other sizes. Some have different trays so you can put different media and several paper sizes.

All these things affect how much a photocopier costs so you should be prepared to have a list on hand of your requirements so you can get the perfect machine at your preferred price point.


Purchasing is easy as you just go to a vendor, choose the equipment that you like and pay. Aside from the cost of the unit, you may also be required to pay delivery and installation charges. You should also ask about service and maintenance costs.

Basic models cost a few hundred pounds and they can go up to thousands of pounds as the model gets higher.

You can also go online and purchase your photocopier from a trusted supplier. Some suppliers will deliver the equipment to your office for free while some will charge you a small fee.

If you have trouble finding a supplier, you can go to a comparison website and they will help you find the best suppliers in your area. They offer the service for free so small business owners should take advantage of it.

True cost of ownership

To get the true cost of ownership of the machine, you need to figure out its purchase price (or other acquisition method such as rent or lease), the cost of paper and toner or ink cartridges, the expected life of the equipment, the speed so that you can get your monthly output, maintenance costs and other consumables and accessories. Photocopiers typically have a life expectancy of 5 years so you should spread costs over that period.


Renting is popular among small businesses as they don’t require a significant cash output. It does not involve any complex paperwork and the client can get the equipment in just a short time. This is also a good alternative for companies that only need the copier for a short time. Although this method presents a significant savings outright, it may become more expensive in the long run compared to purchasing.


Some companies prefer leasing because they can use the equipment longer and can upgrade any time at no cost. The fee already includes maintenance costs so they don’t have to worry about that. It is important that the client and the vendor are clear about what is covered in the contract. Leasing allows a company to acquire a high-end model for only a few hundred pounds a month compared to buying it for several thousands of pounds.


Consumables include paper and ink. Some models require toners while some require ink cartridges in cyan, magenta, yellow and black. There is a new technology now that uses solid ink. It is much cheaper than traditional inks and gives a smaller footprint. You can also replace the solid ink even while the device is running. Inks usually cost around £50 to £200 each.

Some devices require that you use a special kind of paper or their own brand of paper in order to work. Most can accommodate the paper types and sizes that are widely available in the market. Some have accredited suppliers.

There are also other supplies to budget for such as waste cartridge, stapling and refills, other finishing supplies, etc. These range from £40 to £400.

Other costs

You can also buy upgrades and other accessories to expand your device to accommodate your growing company’s needs. They usually cost a few hundred pounds.

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