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How to Choose a Photocopier for my Office

If you are putting up a business that involves a lot of paperwork and marketing materials, you should consider investing in a photocopier or multifunction machine. This will save you a lot of money in the long run. Instead of relying on outsourcing, you can do everything in-house and save not only money but time. You can quickly make copies or print your materials in just a few minutes instead of waiting for days for the print shop to finish your order. Here is a guide for choosing the right photocopier for your office.

You will need to determine the following:

  • Budget or capital
  • Size
  • Requirements
  • Machine features and functions
  • Ink/toner color
  • Paper size

We will discuss each one in detail.

Budget or Capital

First, of course, is you have to set how much capital you are willing to invest in your new equipment. You can either rent or purchase the device but you must still set aside a realistic budget for it. Entry-level devices cost around a few hundred pounds and they go up to thousands depending on the brand and model. If you see growth in your future and feel that a copier will be an integral part of your day-to-day operations, it’s better to invest in a good model right from the start.

Most suppliers offer leasing options. You can upgrade your equipment during the lease period. This is helpful if you suddenly need to grow your business or find yourself swamped with paperwork. You don’t have to buy a new model.

You can also purchase second hand machines through a lease or outright from a reputable seller. Second hand machines may not be as reliable as brand new ones but if you can find a very good working equipment, then you may save some money.

Another aspect to purchasing or leasing is the ongoing cost. This includes not only the supplies such as toner/ink cartridge, staples, drums and paper but servicing and maintenance as well. Repairs can be costly and the downtime can hurt the daily processes of the office. You should also consider the spare parts should the copier break down.  You have to be clear with your supplier if these maintenance costs are already included in your contract.


Different machines have different sizes. Some are for desktop use while others need their own platform. A small business has limited space so desktop models and small machines are ideal. Don’t worry you will be able to find a device that will suit all your requirements no matter what the size.

Portable copiers are not a good choice because they can only handle a small volume of copies plus their image quality can be poor. Floor standing copiers are popular with large businesses because they can crank out thousands of copies in one day.


You should figure out the volume of copies (or prints) you need daily. You can do this by checking your past receipts and audits. See if that number will increase or decrease in the following months. If you see a significant increase in 6 months, you should plan for a device that can accommodate that work load. It is better to invest in a higher model now than to find yourself struggling a few months after because your machine can’t keep up with your demands.

Machine features and functions

As mentioned earlier in this article, multifunction devices are now available in the market. These not only have the ability to copy but they can send emails and fax. They can print and they can even include image editing software. You can also connect them to your network so that all departments can easily use them. Some have password protection so you can control who uses your machine.

If you need all these features, you should consider investing in just one machine to save on costs. Calculate what you will spend on several machines versus just one to see if it’s the right decision.

Ink/toner color

Some equipment use just black ink. These are called monochrome. Some can print and copy in full colour. Determine which type you need by reviewing your past materials. Black and white devices are usually cheaper than coloured ones but you can also find affordable coloured machines with affordable colour ink or toner.

Paper size

Most copiers use A4 papers. This is the standard size that most businesses use. There are also copiers that can handle A3 papers. These are larger machines.

Find out more about different photocopiers in the articles gallery. If you need help choosing the best suppliers in your area, simply fill up the form above and we will match you with the best suppliers for your requirements.