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Photocopier Lease Costs

Photocopiers are one of the most basic equipment that a company needs. Photocopiers nowadays are bundled with other functionalities such as print, scan, fax and even email. Because manufacturers saw the need for small businesses to able to have the same access to the technology that large corporations have, they are now offering these devices for lease.  To compare photocopier leasing costs, simply fill out the form above.

In this article, we give you a quick guide to photocopier lease costs as well as a few tips.

Lease Costs

The lease cost of a photocopier or multifunction printer depends on the brand, model and features. It also depends on the lease contract length that you choose. Below are a few samples.

Colour Photocopier

Model: Ricoh Aficio MPC7501SP


  • 70 ppm colour
  • 75 ppm mono
  • ARDF
  • 2 x 1100 tray
  • 2 X 500 tray
  • 1 x 100 bypass
  • Print and scan

Lease Prices:

  • £252.43 for 36 months
  • £198.42 for 48 months
  • £166.17 for 60 months

Model: Ricoh Aficio MPC5000


  • 50 ppm colour and mono
  • Copy, print, scan, fax

Lease Prices:

  • £175 for 36 months
  • £138 for 48 months
  • £115 for 60 months


Black and White Photocopiers

Model: Ricoh MP 7502SP


  • 1.GB RAM
  • 250GB HDD
  • Print/scan

Lease Prices:

  • £174.93 for 36 months
  • £137.50 for 48 months
  • £115.15 for 60 months

Lease Options

You can lease a copier for 36, 48 or 60 months or 1 to 5 years. Some vendors offer 6 months differed payment. You can also own the machine at the end of your contract.

Special Offers

Some suppliers will give you a 3-month free trial when you ask for a quote.

Why should I lease?

If you have a tight cash flow, leasing is a better option than purchasing a brand new machine. You can space your payments according to your budget.

Tax Allowance

If you lease a copier, you do not have to pay the cost of the machine immediately plus you may reclaim everything you pay out on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Who owns the machine at the end of the contract?

Usually the leasing company still owns the machine but you can always negotiate ownership at the end of your contract.

Upgrade information

You can upgrade your machine but some suppliers will lie to you about it being free of charge but will actually add a charge to your new lease.


Service is not included in the lease. Inquire about these fees before signing a contract.

When in doubt, ask for advice from your accountant for the best lease option. You should also compare prices and offers before signing a contract.