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Photocopiers for Charities

Charities, like any other business need a photocopier to improve their efficiency. They deal with a lot of people daily so they need a system that works. Some charities aim to distribute information through flyers and brochures. Having a machine on-site can cut their copying and printing costs. Charities are given special privileges by manufacturers and dealers. They only pay a minimal rate per copy so they can print the exact number of copies they need. Here are some things you need to learn if you are charity looking for a photocopier deal.

Benefits to Charities

We all know that charities work within a very limited budget so they need to get the best possible rates for everything and that includes office equipment. Dealers don’t have any problems getting charities as clients because they pay their bills on time so they are considered as excellent candidates for copier lease or rentals.

Copier companies offer a lot of benefits to charities. They offer service contracts at a much lower rate than regular contracts. They can also customize the contract according to the charity’s requirements. The client can also request to be invoiced for the lease annually. This makes it easier for the charity to budget for payments. Charities can get special discounts and their preferred arrangements to get the best deals possible.

Rental Deals

The best type of rental or lease agreements for charities are the short-term kinds. It is very rare that a charity needs an annual contract because more often than not, they work on a project basis. They should get a 6-month contract instead.

It is also possible to find a supplier that will allow them to cancel the agreement any time without added charges as long as they give the supplier a notice 90 days before the planned cancellation.

There are also photocopiers for hire where the client does not need to pay a rental charge. They also don’t have to pay for toner, parts and service. They will only be charged by the number of copies they make each month.

If the client makes a 3-month deposit for their expected copy charges, this type of agreement often allows for an upgrade on the photocopier or an exchange for another model without incurring any additional charges. This is helpful if the client suddenly finds a need to change their equipment. Although the upgrade/exchange is free, a delivery charge is often payable.

These short-term agreements work best for charities because aside from the flexibility, they don’t have to deal with a finance company. They can go directly to the supplier. This type of contract will also ensure clients that their machine is the best one suited for their needs while being tax efficient. This improves the organization’s cash flow.

It is possible for these organizations to get up to 70% discount on the machine rental but the discount will depend on the manufacturer or dealer and of course, the brand of the copier or multifunction printer.

Multifunction Printers

Instead of a photocopier, a multifunction printer can sometimes be a better option for this type of client. Multifunctionals can scan and send/receive fax aside from copying and printing. Some can even send emails. Some also have finishing options such as stapling. This is a better alternative if the charity needs these other functions for their daily activities. Instead of getting several machines, they can get all the features and functionalities they need in one compact machine. They save on space and  will be able to manage their finances better. There are several types of MFPs available. There are desktop and standalone types if you are concerned about space.

Paying for only the copies

The charity’s money is best spent on charitable causes and not on expensive photocopier leases. Funding for this kind of organization changes yearly so it is wise not to be locked into an expensive long-term contract.

Toner, rental, service and maintenance plus spare parts are already included in this kind of setup. If the equipment breaks down, the supplier will repair it free of charge. If it needs parts replacements, they will replace it for free. When you run out of toner, the company will deliver it without charge. Finally, if your copier can’t be fixed, they will replace it with another one. You only pay for the copies.

Looking for a photocopier

There are several factors to determine the kind of photocopier or MFP you need. You need to choose between black and white and colour. You also have to consider your copy volume. Do you need a fast copier? What other features do you need in your machine? A good supplier will help you determine the best model for your office.

Looking for a supplier

When shopping for a supplier, find one that works closely with organizations such as yours. They are well-versed when it comes to your needs. They are flexible to work with. Some charities are tricked into signing long-term leases and they usually turn into a disaster because they are left with an outdated photocopier that they cannot use. If they want to get out of the agreement, they would have to pay thousands of pounds.

Find a dealer that does not have long-term leases and no locked down contracts that you can’t get out of. A contract that requires a 3-month deposit plus delivery charge is okay. You just pay for the amount of copies you use. This is a simple contract that most charities get. You should also get a contract where you can get upgrades for free.

A 90-day agreement is also useful. If you change your mind after the machine is installed, just give your dealer a 90-day notice so they can take it away, no questions asked.

Further tips

Work closely with your accountant to find the best tax deal possible. You want to be as efficient as possible when it comes to taxation of your equipment.

Do some research online. You can also use comparison websites to find the best vendors in your area. If you are very busy, this is a helpful solution. You only need to answer a simple form and then they will hook you up with the vendors that best fit your requirements.

Ask for a product demo before deciding on a model. You should also inquire if they provide free training for your staff for advanced models. If your contract does not include maintenance and repairs, better inquire about those before signing anything because they are the most expensive parts of owning a machine. You don’t want to get a good deal on a copier only to pay a huge amount later in your contract. That’s like not getting a good bargain after all.