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Renting a Photocopier in the UK

A photocopier is a common equipment found in many offices. It has been around for many years. You would think that every business can just purchase one outright. Well, you’re wrong. Now that there are so many advances in technology, the humble photocopier has also improved and developed. It has now turned into a machine capable of doing a lot of things aside from copying. Because these machines are expensive, renting is a popular choice among businesses that have a tight budget. If you are considering getting a photocopier, check out this guide.


Renting is definitely cheaper than purchasing a new equipment outright. It is a good option for small start-up businesses. It is also a good choice for companies that only need the machine for a short period of time. Businesses can save a lot of money with this option.

How does it work?

Your chosen supplier will provide you with the photocopier of your choice for a set amount of time. You will have to sign a contract. You can rent a machine for 6 months up to a few years. You will also pay a monthly fee. When the contract ends, you simply return the machine. All the maintenance work is usually included in your contract. Just ask what happens when repairs are needed. Will they shoulder the cost as well as replace any necessary parts? Will they send you a replacement if they pull out your machine? Some contracts include toner replacement. Some suppliers will give you a set number of free photocopies per month. If you go beyond that, you simply pay the difference.


Aside from the monetary advantage, the main perk of renting a photocopier is you can upgrade to a better model at any time. When you purchase your own copier, you are obliged to stick to it as long as it’s functioning. You might feel bad about buying a new model when your equipment still works. You keep a less efficient device for a longer period whereas with rentals, you can avail of the latest technology when it comes out. You also don’t have to worry about the old equipment as the dealer will just take it back.

Most contracts do not require you to rent for a long period of time so you can end it whenever you wish. Just be clear that you don’t need to pay a termination fee should you suddenly decide to end your agreement.

Will it Save Money?

A brand new photocopier can cost thousands of pounds. Renting is definitely cheaper in comparison. You don’t have to shell out a huge amount of money outright and you can use that in other aspects of your business.

You can rent a high end model for under £50 per month. You will be charged if you go beyond the free number of photocopies but you will see some savings over a few months. It will take several years of paying the rental fee to match the cost of buying a new machine. During this time, you may also have several upgrades with your device. That alone gives you a lot of savings.

Renting is a valid way of saving money whether in the short or long term. Just choose a flexible contract so that you can take advantage of new devices for a reasonable monthly bill. It is always a good idea to save some money when you are in business no matter what the economic situation is.

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