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Review of Panasonic KX-MB2575 and KX-MB2545 Multifunction Printers


panasonic kx-mb2575

High productivity and business power are what you will get with this model. It is capable of handling different-sized paper through its multipurpose tray. This tray can hold up to 50 sheets of different sizes. It is capable of printing simplex and duplex in high speed. It also has a large paper cassette with a 500-sheet capacity. It has a slim, compact cubic design so you can get the power of a multifunction machine without having to sacrifice space. You can install it on any desktop.

This model comes with built-in wireless networking which is compliant to the IEEE 802 standard. You can connect to a network PC through your local network without needing a physical LAN connection.

Businesses need to improve efficiency and reduce  waste. One-sided printing can be wasteful. It also makes processes inefficient. This model is capable of duplex printing. It can print on both sides at virtually the same speed as single-sided printing. This duplexing increases productivity by 93%.

The automatic document feeder is capable of handling 50 sheets of the smaller sized papers A5 and A6 aside from the standard A4. This is useful for offices that require printing on smaller media.

Most SOHO (small office/home office) equipment can only handle 250 sheets of paper while commercial paper is sold at 500 sheets per ream. Customers are then left with half a ream lying around the office. This equipment can handle a full ream so there is no waste and clutter.

Finally, an ECO mode button helps save electricity. This button is located in the control panel. When you press this, you get two energy-saving functions. First, the printer enters a lower power save mode. Then the duplex  and 2-in-1 modes are automatically set. This saves paper too aside from energy.


  • Compact, cubic design
  • 500-sheet capacity paper cassette
  • 30 ppm high-speed printing
  • 28 ppm duplex copying and printing
  • Built-in USB slot and Wi-Fi
  • Fax functions


This unit’s price starts at £450 depending on the supplier. There is no price list published in the brand’s website although it will direct you to the nearest accredited supplier. Ask about special promotions, prices and free services and items.


panasonic kx-mb2545

This MFP is designed for high productivity. It features multi-size paper handling. The multipurpose tray can hold up to 50 sheets of different sizes. It can also handle simplex and duplex printing and a large 500-sheet cassette. It has a remarkable cubic design that is compact but allows the printer to be installed even on small desks.

This device can print on both sides. It has quick duplexing as a standard. This feature allows quick duplexing. You get to print on both sides at virtually the same speed as single-side printing.

The automatic document feeder is capable of handling the smaller A6 and A5 formats. Do you require smaller documents in your office? Then you will benefit immensely from this MFP.

Old multifunction printers designed to be used in home or small offices are only equipped with a 150-sheet paper cassette. When you buy paper, they are usually packed in 500 sheets. Despite being compact and slim, this device is equipped with a large capacity tray that can hold one ream of paper or 500 sheets. This way, you don’t have the extra 250 sheets lying around in your office.

An ECO mode button is available on the control panel. When you press it, it will give you energy-saving functions. The sleep mode is set to one minute while the 2-in-1 N and duplex copy modes are automatically set. You reduce paper consumption while improving your budget and eventually your bottom line.


  • Compact, cubic design
  • 500-sheet capacity paper cassette
  • 30 pages per minute high-speed printing
  • 28 pages per minute duplex copying and printing
  • Built-in USB slot
  • Fax functions


This unit’s price starts at £410 depending on the supplier. Panasonic does not have a price list on their website but you will find a tool that will help you find the nearest supplier in your area. Be sure to ask about special prices, promotions and free services or items and even free demos.

Running Costs

Ink will take out a big part of your budget as well as paper. You should budget for them monthly. You will be able to find suppliers of these in the website.

Panasonic – the Company

The year was 1918 when Mr. Konosuke Matsushita founded Panasonic Corporation. Then in 1929, he formulated the Basic Management Objective which now serves as the guiding philosophy of the company. It states that as industrialists, the people of Panasonic should focus on the progress and development of society. They should strive to improve the wellbeing of people through their various business endeavours. This philosophy lies in the heart of all their activities. They aim to improve quality of life not just in their country but all over the world. Today, Panasonic is a thriving company that employs over 290,000 people.

The business includes home appliances, consumer electronics, AV products and office solutions. Each segment is treated as a stand-alone company as it has its own production, sales and research and development departments that meet specific customer needs in their country and abroad.

Why purchase a Panasonic Photocopier?

Panasonic has a lot of experience manufacturing photocopiers. Through the years, the technology has evolved and now the humble photocopier has more features and functions and is now called a multifunction printer. This makes daily work lighter and improves productivity and efficiency in any workplace. Their MFP’s come in colour and monochrome. You can be sure that they are equipped with the latest technology. One can easily find a service and maintenance office in his country.

With the Basic Management Objective in the core of product development, customers can be sure that their needs are met. They understand what the customer needs. All their machines are built using this philosophy.

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