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Review of Ricoh Afico MP 7502 and Aficio SP 5210SF Multifunction Printers

Ricoh – the Company

Ricoh provides innovative and sustainable products and solutions. In today’s world, that is what every workplace needs. They provide solutions that help their customers reach their full potential. They provide document and consultancy services aside from hardware and software.

The brand is a market leader in office solutions. They understand that a company needs effective communications systems in order to succeed. This is what Ricoh provides. They help companies grow.

Why purchase a Ricoh Photocopier?

The brand’s photocopiers are efficient. They are one of the top brands in the market. The brand now produces multifunction printers that copy, print, fax and scan. It also has other functionalities. It is a device built for the dynamic and progressive workplace. Now you can streamline your processes and beat deadlines.

You can definitely get a machine that you want for the price that you can afford with the brand’s many offerings. You don’t need to waste money buying 4 different machines. You can do everything in just one equipment. Each unit comes installed with security features. They are also built using sustainable materials.

MP 7502

With the complexity of jobs in today’s offices, business owners need to find a solution that can simplify all these. Information is exploding and it can be hard to protect so machines should not only function as they should. They should also be able to protect the jobs that they do. This model is ultra fast. It makes high volume printing, copying, scanning and even faxing simple and easy. Automate document-heavy tasks. You can be assured that this model has outstanding security for your documents.

Features & Benefits

This model is packed with impressive features but is exceptionally easy to use. It has high levels of productivity with its 75 pages per minute speed. It also has eco-friendly features such as energy and paper saver. It also employs high level document security features.


  • 30 seconds warm-up time
  • 3.2 seconds first output speed
  • Continuous output speed of 75 pages per minute
  • 1 GB standard memory
  • 250 GB HDD
  • 4 laser beam scanning
  • Electro-photographic printing
  • 999 multiple copies
  • 600 dpi resolution
  • 25-400% zoom


This model is priced around £16,600. You should ask for a complete quote from your supplier. It should include VAT, delivery and installation charges. There may be other charges such as maintenance, repairs, etc. Speak to their customer service representative or an IT/document specialist if you need further clarifications. You may also request for a free product demonstration to see if this model is a true fit for your company.

There are many suppliers of this brand’s MFPs. When searching for one, be sure to look for an accredited vendor. This is to guarantee that they have trained engineers by Ricoh. They are already familiar with the equipment’s hardware and software so it will be easier for them to repair it. Less downtime on your machine means less money down the drain.

The vendor should also have in-house engineers. If they get from a third party company, you should consider your options. Third party engineers may take longer to deploy compared to in-house ones. Your productivity will take a dive if your machine is useless for a long time.

SP 5210SF

The SP 5210SF is compact. It is an A4 black and white multifunctional printer that is ideal for any office where space is a premium. It delivers 4-in-1 printing, scanning, copying and faxing to meet all your document requirements. It is packed with features that are only expected from large MFPs. These are smaller but work just as hard. Your busy office will surely get a fast, affordable and versatile tool that can expand from a desktop unit to a mighty floor-standing powerhouse.

Features & Benefits

This model gives you high speeds so you can maximise your workplace’s productivity. It is compact and easy to operate. It has built-in security features. You also get a low Total Cost of Ownership. It is energy efficient too so you can save on your monthly bills.


  • Laser beam scan
  • Electro-photographic printing
  • Mono component toner
  • 50 copies per minute
  • 600 x 600 dpi
  • Up to 999 multiple copies
  • Warms up in 20 seconds or less
  • First output comes out in 7.5 seconds
  • 25-400% zoom
  • Standard paper input capacity of 550 sheets
  • Bypass tray capacity of 100 sheets
  • Maximum capacity of 2,300 sheets
  • ADF capacity of 50 sheets
  • 600 sheets output capacity
  • A4-A5
  • Auto duplex
  • 1,500 W or less power consumption
  • 8W or less Energy Saver mode


This model is priced around £2,500 but it still depends on the supplier. You need to ask for a quote from the official website or your choice of supplier for the exact price. You may also talk to a document or IT specialist from the brand.

Running Costs

Paper, ink toner or cartridge and other media will take the bulk of your budget. Ask your vendor if you need to change some parts in your machine periodically for maintenance.

When buying supplies, try to buy in bulk to save money. Apply for loyalty cards when available so that you can get more savings. Sign up for newsletters too so you can be updated with upcoming sales and promos like free shipping.