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Review of Ricoh MP2001 and MP2001SP Multifunction Printers

Ricoh – the Company

You cannot go wrong with Ricoh’s innovative yet sustainable products. They offer many solutions to any type of company all over the world. They have customized solutions to help their clients reach their goals. Their clients serve as their inspiration. They try to come up with innovative products and services from hardware and software to consulting and document services.

Ricoh is one of the top suppliers of quality products in the market. They provide companies with systems that help them communicate effectively with each other and with the outside world. In short, they provide systems that make a company achieve growth.

Why purchase a Ricoh Photocopier?

Ricoh photocopiers are one of the top machines in the market. They understand that their products should keep up with the increasing demands of their clients so they now produce multifunction machines. Its functions are copy, print, scan and fax.  These are the perfect solution for the modern office to streamline processes. Tasks can be finished ahead of time. These boost productivity.

There are many types of units to choose from. Even if you have a small or large budget, you will surely find the machine that fits all your requirements. All their machines get the work done.

These units also come with security features to protect your information. They are also made from sustainable materials so you can be sure that you are doing your part in helping the environment.

MP 2001

The MP 2001 is an entry-level equipment. It is designed for clients who require simple copier functionalities. It is a space-saver and is energy-efficient. It is very economical to run, perfect for the small business.

Features & Benefits

This model is fast and productive. It is efficient as well as economical to use. It is also intuitive and very easy to operate. Choose from simple, no-fuss job selections. It also has a compact design so even small offices can afford to have this.


  • 10 seconds warm up time
  • First output comes out in 6.5 seconds
  • 20 pages per minute continuous output speed
  • Laser beam scanning
  • Electro photographic printing
  • 99 multiple copies
  • 600 dpi resolution
  • 50-200% zoom
  • A3-A5
  • B4-B5


This model is priced around £2,400. You need to request for a quote to get the exact price. You should also speak to an IT or document specialist if you have questions.

Choose an accredited supplier so you can be sure that they have trained engineers by the brand. They are already familiar with the equipment’s hardware and software so they can easily troubleshoot it. You get less downtime.

The supplier should also establish that they have competent in-house engineers. If they get their engineers from a third-party company, deployment will take longer so your productivity suffers. In-house engineers can be deployed immediately.

If you are not yet convinced with this product, request for a free demo so you can see all its functionalities. You can be sure that you get value for your money.

When requesting for a quote, ask for the complete price that includes VAT and other charges such as delivery and installation.

MP 2001SP

The MP 2001SP brings new possibilities to small businesses and workgroups. It is a black and white MFP that can handle A3 papers. It provides productive and economical copying, printing and scanning capabilities. You can integrate this with electronic workflow or remote management software. It has features of higher level models such as a 4.3-inch colour touchscreen display and optional HDD. Now even your small business can enjoy the cost savings and efficiencies enjoyed by large companies.

Features & Benefits

This model is easy to use and compact. It is fast and productive. It is efficient and economical to use. It features a colour touchscreen and a colour scanner. It has a GWNX controller. You also get enhanced features with the optional HDD.


  • 20 seconds warm-up time
  • 6 seconds first output speed
  • Continuous output speed of 20 pages per minute
  • 1 GB standard memory
  • Laser beam scanning
  • Electrophotographic printing
  • Up to 999 multiple copies
  • 600 dpi resolution


This model is priced around £3,000 but some suppliers offer it for just £900. If you are concerned about the price difference, do your research about the supplier first before making any purchases. You may also speak with Ricoh’s IT or document specialists for other concerns.

Running Costs

The bulk of your budget will go towards paper and ink cartridges or toners. Ask your vendor if they have loyalty cards that can get you discounts or earn points that you can use toward your next transaction. You should also sign up for newsletters so you can take advantage of sales and promos like free shipping. You should also plan for bulk purchases to get discounts.