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Review of Ricoh SP C240SF and SP 204SN Multifunction Printers

Ricoh – the Company

Ricoh is a brand well-known for their innovative yet sustainable solutions for the office. They have been providing different types of companies with quality services and machines for many years. They are recognized as a tech leader in the market. Their customers inspire them to be better at what they do. They continuously make solutions that meet their customers’ needs and make them succeed.

Ever company needs a good communication system in order to achieve its goals. Everyone must be able to communicate well with each other and with the outside world. Ricoh knows this so well so they manufacture products that do all this and more. They provide excellent hardware, software, document and consultancy services.

Why purchase a Ricoh Photocopier?

The brand’s expertise in photocopiers has branched out into printers. They now have multifunction printers that copy, scan and fax. If you want to reach your goals in your company, you need this machine. This is perfect for the busy modern-day office. These machines make companies earn a profit and grow.

Customers will surely find a model to their liking. Whether it’s a small affordable machine or a heavy-duty one, there is a model for any type of business. These multi-taskers will surely get the job done in no time. Aside from that, they streamline costs too.

These devices have standard security features to protect even the most sensitive company data. The units are also made from sustainable materials so you can do your part in saving the environment if you purchase one.


Ricoh copiers are reliable. The SP C240SF is no exception. It is a 4-in-1 colour printer that is compact and network ready. It is perfect for small to medium businesses that want to take advantage of a multifunctional at a very affordable cost. It has fast printing speeds and the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in its class. You get all this in a space-saving package.

Features & Benefits

This model has fast warm up and print speeds. It has impressive features for its compact size. It is cost-efficient. It also has energy-saving features.


  • Mono component toner development
  • Electro-photographic printing
  • Laser beam scanning
  • 4 drums tandem method
  • 16 copies per minute in full colour copy speed
  • 16 copies per minute in black and white copy speed
  • 600 dpi
  • Up to 99 multiple copies
  • Less than 30 seconds warm-up time
  • First output speed 14 seconds
  • 15-400% zoom
  • 250 sheets standard paper tray input capacity
  • 1-sheet bypass tray
  • 751 sheets maximum paper input capacity
  • 35 sheets ADF capacity
  • 150 sheets standard paper output capacity
  • A6-A4 paper sizes


This unit’s price starts at £190 depending on the supplier. There is no available price list on the brand’s official website. You need to request for a quote. You can ask to speak to an IT and document specialist for further information.

If you want to purchase from another supplier, make sure that they are accredited so that their engineers are trained by Ricoh. These engineers can fix your machine faster in case you encounter problems. This is because they are already familiar with the software and hardware so it is easy for them to troubleshoot it.

Another thing to ask for is if their engineers are in-house or come from third party companies. You get less downtime with an in-house engineer because they can be deployed faster.

Request for a free product demonstration to know more about this model. When you are given a quote, ask if it already includes VAT and other charges.

SP 204SN

The SP 204SN is perfect for the home or small office that needs an increase in productivity. It is a black and white laser multifunction printer that is compact yet packed with scan, print and fax features. It can easily fit on your desktop. It has a print speed of 22 pages per minute. It is easy to operate and is network-ready. It is also guaranteed to give you many years of service.

Features & Benefits

It is both efficient and productive. It creates professional documents. It’s budget-friendly. It is also very reliable and easy to operate.


  • 25 seconds warm up time
  • First output comes out in 10 seconds
  • 22 pages per minute continuous speed
  • Manual duplex
  • Laser beam scanner
  • Electro-photographic printing
  • Up to 99 multiple copies
  • 600 x 600 dpi
  • 25-400% zoom


This unit is priced around £110 depending on the supplier. There is no available price in the official website. You may speak with an IT or document specialist if you have other questions.

Running Costs

Obviously your consumables include ink, paper and other media but there are some machines that require additional components to be bought or changed monthly in order to keep it running at its best. Ask your supplier about that to be sure.

You can save money with bulk purchases. Inquire about membership cards too as they can be very useful. Don’t forget to sign up for newsletters so you can be updated with the latest promos.

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