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Review of Xerox ColorQube 9301/9302/9303

Why purchase a Xerox photocopier?

They are first and foremost a leader in the photocopier industry.  It is only in recent years that they branched out into different areas but their copiers are still one of the best in the market today. Their machines are reliable and very flexible. You can customize them to fit your requirements. You can choose from several models in one line. They all have different features and different prices. You can surely find one that you like at the price point you can afford.

ColorQube 9301/9302/9303

These printers feature the Xerox ConnectKey Controller. This allows users to securely manage documents. The line offers reduced colour cost with its 3-tier pricing plan. The solid ink sticks require no cartridges so there is less environmental impact.

You can print in superior quality in your office. No need to outsource your print and copy jobs which cost a lot of money.

You can restrict access to print features by user, group, application or time of day. You can also set printing rules.

It has a standard automatic 2-sided printing set as default but if there is only one page to print, the device is intelligent enough not to duplex it.

The solid ink sticks are uniquely shaped for simple loading. You can also top them off at any time even if the unit is still running. Solid ink technology is reliable.

The unit has embedded help videos available on the colour touch screen. It automatically submits meter reads so you can easily replenish supplies.  The unified address book allows you to seamlessly import your contacts.


  • Copy, scan, email, print
  • Optional fax
  • 38 pages per minute colour print speed
  • 50 pages per minute black print speed
  • Flexible print speeds of 31 to 60 ppm for colour and 32 – 95 ppm for black
  • Standard 2-sided output
  • 150,000 images per month
  • Configuration cloning
  • Remote control panel
  • Online support
  • Unified address book
  • 160GB hard drive
  • 1GB system device memory plus 1GB page memory


There are three models in this line – 9301, 9302 and 9303. The price starts at £15,613. You can get any of them from the Xerox website. The price does not yet include tax, print charges and supplies.

You can also find other dealers near you. Be sure to ask if the quoted price is all-in. You might be charged extra for delivery and installation. When looking for a dealer, inquire about special packages, seasonal discounts and free items and services.

Running Costs

You have to budget for solid ink sticks and paper.  You need cyan, yellow, magenta and black ink sticks. As for the paper, you can get them from any accredited supplier. Other supplies include stapler cartridge and refills and cleaning unit. You can also buy upgrades and accessories. The prices quoted in the website are subject to change without prior notice.