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Review of Xerox WorkCentre 7220/7225

WorkCentre Xerox 7220 & 7225

The Xerox 7225 is a great all round copier for work, the workCentre 7200 series handles A3 size papers. It is ideal for small workgroups that print 5,000 pages per month. It gives you practical features that streamline your processes. It simplifies what used to be complicated paper-driven tasks. It also helps you drive down costs and keep your data secure.

You get access to Apple AirPrint, Xerox Mobile Print and wireless connectivity. You can scan to the cloud, scan paper into digital files and do all these on the easy-to-use touchscreen.

The company has partnered with McAfee and Cisco to ensure that your important information is protected. You can limit access to your machine. Aside from that, there is a host of other security features to keep your files secure.

The line has energy and cost savings features too. You can customize your print driver settings for efficiency and economy. You can print multiple pages on a single sheet. The print driver is set to 2-sided printing by default. The Earth Smart feature allows you to select other default settings that are earth-friendly.

Specifications Xerox 7225

  • Copy, print, email, scan optional walkup fax
  • 20 pages per minute in colour printing
  • 20 pages per minute in black and white printing
  • 50,000 images per month
  • 8.4 seconds in colour first page out time
  • 7.1 seconds in black and white first page out time
  • Bypass tray 50-sheet capacity
  • Tray 1 – 520 sheets
  • Tray 2 – 520 sheets
  • 600 x 600 dpi max copy resolution
  • Auto tray switching
  • Annotation
  • Auto reduction/enlargement
  • Booklet creating
  • Bates Stamping
  • Collation
  • Build job
  • Covers
  • ID Card Copy
  • Edge erase
  • Image shift
  • Image quality enhancement
  • Invert image
  • Sample set
  • Job interrupt
  • Separator pages
  • Transparencies
  • Single colour

Xerox the Company

One of the leading brands in office equipment technologies was founded in 1906. Xerox continuously strives for excellence and innovation that is why they are the world’s leading company for business processes and document management. They have global services such as claims reimbursement and toll transaction. They also offer HR benefits management and customer care centers.  These solutions give their customers the time to focus on their business.

Why Choose a Xerox Photocopier?

If it’s a photocopier you need, Xerox is your best bet. Their machines are known all over the world. These copiers are tried and tested. As the years progressed, they produced not only photocopiers but multifunction machines as well. These machines are flexible and have advanced features fit for the modern office. Small, medium and large businesses can find a model that fits their budget and their requirements.


There are 4 models in this line – WC7220, WC7220T, WC7225 and WC7225T. The starting price is £5,193. This does not include supplies. You can get these directly from the Xerox website. You can also inquire from other suppliers. You can find different packages and prices. Ask about starter packs and free items and services.

Ask if the delivery and installation fees are already included in the price quoted to you.

Running Costs

Toner cartridges are priced between £90 and £170. You can get paper from different accredited suppliers across the UK. There are also routine maintenance items you need to budget for such as fuser, transfer roller, waste cartridge, etc. These are priced anywhere between £30 and £495.

Other supplies you can get are staple cartridge for booklet maker, staple refills for advanced and professional finishers and staple cartridge for advanced and professional finishers. These are priced around £40 to £140.

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